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Chapter 4 part 3 [Aug. 20th, 2007|08:22 pm]
Dharma Study Group - Chos Grwa


Lets start on page 118 with section III. The all-determinin quality of actions.

Stop after reading to page 124, We will start next time with the first part of page 125.

Once again if you are reading this please say something....I have no idea if anyone is even watching this community anymore.

[User Picture]From: hatch99
2007-08-29 10:53 pm (UTC)
Hi, I am watching this community as I am interested in the teachings of Buddha how-ever i have no idea what you are reading from, sorry :/
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[User Picture]From: buff114
2007-08-30 06:21 am (UTC)
we are reading Patrul Rinpoche's 'The Words of my Perfect Teacher'
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