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Dharma Chos Grwa

Online Study Group for Dharma Texts

Dharma Study Group - Chos Grwa
Dharma Lands - Free from geographical attachments
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Welcome to the Dharma Chos Grwa.

A Chos Grwa is a free-form study school where people discuss certain topics.

Our first topic for study will be Patrul Rinpoche's 'The Words of my Perfect Teacher.'
Accompanying this text is Khenpo Ngawan Pelzang's 'A Guide to The Words of my Perfect Teacher'.

Both are the Dipamkara with the Parmakara Translation Group editions.
Both are available here: Shambala Publications

The rules here are few, but fair:

1) Remember the Eightfold Path.

As Buddhists, we strive to follow the Noble Eightfold Path. This community is one such place where all aspects of that path should be put into practice. Other people may not agree with your opinion on something, but as long as we follow the Eightfold Path, we will have no problems.

There are no 'moderators' as such, except that I have to own the community for it to exist.
We will decide how best to direct our studies together.

Membership of this community is by approval only, but this is so that we do not get people wishing to sell us things or show us pornography.

When you first join, please tell us a bit about yourself.